Dirty South Yoga Fest is intended to be a reflection of our growing yoga community in the South.  In the past we’ve extended invitations teachers from the community to present at the festival.

As the yoga community grows and we expand to the New Orleans community, we’ve decided to open up a limited number of spots to applicants.  We realized that even with our ear to the community, we have limitations in getting to know all the incredible teachers in each city.

NOTE: Dirty South Yoga Fest focuses on highlighting local yoga communities in the South.  So we will only be able to accept applications for teachers who are currently living in the South.  We will also take into consideration (among other things) the lo

Please submit your application by Monday, September 10th 2018 for the Dirty South Yoga Fest New Orleans on November 4th, 2018.  We will notify accepted applicants by September 14th 2018.


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