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We have soo much love for our studio partners.  Dirty South Yoga was inspired by, was created for, and is in support of building community.  Our studio partners not only make our annual event possible but they are up to big things year round: hosting incredible workshops, creating transformative retreats and holding space for our communities to grow, breath and practice day in and day out.  And while we LOVE a big celebration, it’s the in daily practice and work that transformation blossoms.

Check out some highlights from this past year and some upcoming opportunities to practice and show your love for this incredible community.

Sacred Thread Yoga

Highlight from 2016: Sacred Thread Yoga led a transformative yoga retreat just a hop, skip and a jump south to a little old island called Cuba.  Studio owner Annelise Bodil described the trip in her own words. ” We stayed on the beach outside of Havana and while there were so many amazing moments I think the most precious part was being able to share a new adventure and cultural exchange with a group of like-minded yogis. Cuba is very complex and yet very simple.”

sacred thread yoga cuba

Coming Up: Sacred Thread Yoga regularly hosts Yoga on Tap with SweetWater Brewery.  Stop by for yoga this Saturday, March 4th or keep an eye open for the next event in the series. Get your tickets!

yoga on tap sacred thread


Tough Love Yoga

Highlight of 2016: One thing that helps us deepen our practice is the chance to spend time and dig in with our teachers.  The Meghan Currie workshop at Tough Love Yoga was an incredible weekend to delve into the practice, connect breath and movement, and enjoy the sweetness of practicing together. Photo by: www.Joyelan.com

Tough Love Yoga meghan currie

Coming Up: If you haven’t had a chance to visit Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida with the Tough Love Yoga crew- you are missing out!  For the first time ever on March 16th, Neda and Darren Rhodes will be leading this retreat weekend together in one of the most heavenly places on earth.  Reserve your spot, you won’t regret reconnecting to yourself and to the feeling of peace you will find there.

please practice kashi

Yoga Collective

Highlight of 2016: We are ever grateful for studios who invite and host skillful teachers to guide us deeper into our practice.  Yoga Collective hosted Todd Norian the founder of Ashaya Yoga to dive into the alignment of body, mind, and heart.  Over the course of the weekend, Todd shared and explored the infinite source of wellness and healing that can be accessed through yoga therapy training. In other words, it was pure bliss.

todd norian yoga collective

Coming Up: If you haven’t heard yet, we’re shouting from the rooftops!  Gina Minyard and Sarah Faircloth are leading a two-weekend Tantric Immersion.  Great for students and teachers.  The first weekend starts on Friday- so change your plans and be there for this incredible opportunity to dive into the next level of your practice.  Reserve your place in class come to one or both weekends- but we think two is better than one.

yoga collective tantra yoga


Highlight of 2016: Over the holidays, Exhale Yoga Midtown hosted the sweetest yoga event: Yoga for Good benefiting Toys for Tots.  Students who brought a gift to brighten up a child’s holiday season were treated to yoga at Exhale Yoga Midtown. My heart is melting!!

exhale yoga

Coming Up: Exhale’s newest in town location Inman Park is a great studio to visit especially for the yogi looking to try a barre class or add core fusion into their routine.  Check out their yoga classes on Sunday and check out their schedule try something new. They have a great offer for new students.

Exhale offer (1)


Form Yoga

Highlight of 2016: Technically this was at the beginning of 2017 but hopefully you’ll let us slide this one in. Form Yoga moved into a beautiful new studio to house their growing community.  If you haven’t visited their new space, stop by to feel all the feels and soak in all the good vibes.

form yoga studio

Coming Up: In September we shared our Dirty South Deal for the Alchemy of Yoga 100 hour immersion.  Well, there is still a chance to join us for one final immersion in April.  Elizabeth Rowan is leading a two-weekend exploration of The Alchemy of Yoga: Vinyasa and Teaching Methodology.  Reserve a spot in class. See ya there!

100 hour

How lucky are we to have all these incredible opportunities to learn and practice at our fingertips?  Sincere thanks to each and every one of these communities for allowing Dirty South Yoga to deepen our roots year after year.  Sooooo much love.


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