Let me guess. You love yoga.

You love yoga because it showed you how to find your edge while also honoring your boundaries. You love yoga because you enjoy learning and seeking more tools to transform your life. You love yoga because it has lead you further down the path to yourself.

So you signed up for some classes, you make it to class when your schedule allows, maybe you’ve downloaded a couple classes to practice at home- or heck- maybe you’ve even taken teacher training but have gotten away from your dedicated practice because of your busy schedule.

You want to learn more, to go deeper but where do you start?

Maybe you attended Dirty South Yoga Fest to help point you towards the next step on your journey - or- maybe you’ve thought about attending but the timing hasn’t worked out yet (save the date for August 9-11, 2019!) 

As a lifelong learner and seeker, I get it. I know what it’s like to walk away from your regular weekly classes inspired by the teachings but unsure of how to bring new depth into your practice.

So we asked some of our Dirty South Yoga instructors to help.  We interviewed 20 Dirty South Yoga instructors and asked them to share their knowledge on a range of topics from mantra to kundalini, from chakras to social justice AND we are bringing it all to you in our very first Dirty South Yoga Fest Virtual Summit Lifetime Access Pass Now Available.

Here's what you get:
20 Speakers. 10+ Hours of Content.

These inspiring teachers will share their tools and techniques to lead you to the next step in your yoga journey.

While your yoga journey may be personal, that doesn’t you have to be on the journey alone.

Join us for this 3 Day Virtual Summit!

In this Virtual Summit, we'll discuss...

  • The Power of Soundhealing
  • Tantra Yoga & the Koshas
  • Restorative Yoga 
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • How to Start a Meditation Practice
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • The Bhagavad Gita
  • Chakras & Subtle Body
  • The Importance of Representation in Yoga
  • Mantra Practice

...and much, much more

PLUS you can participate from anywhere in the world. The whole summit is online.

Your Summit Instructors
TQ Sims
About Your Host, Jessica Murphy

I know what it’s like to long for connection in the yoga world. I spent 10 years of my yoga journey practicing yoga in studios without really connecting to anyone around me.

As a natural introvert, I just didn’t know how to connect to people within the constraints of a regular studio class.  I still find myself saying awkward things to my teachers or other students in the 5-minute span of time before or after all the yoga goodness takes place.

While my practice was invaluable in helping me connect to my Self for years, I still longed for a community to belong to that crossed studios lines and that I could turn to for suggestions, advice, and conversation while on my yoga journey.

Dirty South Yoga was my offering to the yoga community.  A place to celebrate, connect and grow together.

A little about me: I am an Atlanta native, traveler, yoga instructor and make it happen-er.  I enjoy stretchy heart-opening backbends, bare-feet, and other people’s cooking.

I have a ridiculously high number of yoga-crushes in Atlanta (and across the world) at any given moment. Upon moving back to Atlanta in 2013 and completing teacher training, I’ve fallen in awe of the great things happening in this city and across the south.

Yoga has been a huge influence on me and I love to watch others fall in like with the practice.  I’ve experienced some of my most profound moments of truth and honesty on the mat and I truly believe if we all can access our own truth it will lead to tangible transformation.

Dirty South Yoga is a movement to transform individuals, communities and even myself through the practice of yoga.

I’m also a believer in dreaming big, risking failure and living boldly.  I hope ya’ll will join the adventure.

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