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Kymmi Cordovez of Yoga With Kymmi // Brown Yogi Meet Up 

What part of Atlanta are you located/where do you hold your meetups?

I’m based right in the heart of Atlanta – Midtown area, but I travel around the city and country teaching classes and private sessions. I also co-host and teach a free monthly class as a part of Brown Yogi Meet Up, something a few friends and I created in order to bring yoga to the people and encourage community. To date, we’ve held them at the Old Fourth Ward Skatepark and Piedmont Park, for accessibility and eyes. It’s an open thing so folks are more than welcome to walk by and stop by if they feel inclined. 

You mentioned you were new(ish) to Atlanta.  Where are you from and how did you end up in Atlanta?

Okay so, born and raised in Jersey. In 2016 I left my New York studio apartment on a whim and drove down to Atlanta. I wish there was more to it, but that’s pretty much it. I was over New York, the cold, the relationships – just everything. I wanted change, so I left. I didn’t necessarily know I’d end up staying down here, but things just kinda started falling in place so I did and here I am. 

How did Brown Yogi Meet Up get started?

So my friend Audrey, who’s also got this bomb all vegan meal-prep service (Organic Soul Kitchen), texted me and some other friends in a group chat. “Brown Yogi Meet Up,” she said. It was the weekend of Jazz Fest and a bunch of us were in town. I remember getting super excited about it, like it was the most amazing thing I’d heard, and texting back “let’s make it a hashtag!!!.” She replied #BrownYogiMeetUp and it was history from there lol. Leana and Taylor, also amazing yoga instructors, saw what Audrey and I saw; a place for community. I made a digital flyer and we all just word of mouthed it. We posted it on our Instagram and just told friends, who told friends, and told other friends. 

What are the goals and hopes for the group?

I think it’s a collective hope for growth and community, especially among minorities. I believe yoga should be accessible to all, but unfortunately it’s not. It can be intimidating when there’s no one in a classroom that looks like you and quite frankly, it can get expensive. I guess we’re trying to bridge the gap. 

How did you get started in your yoga practice and how did you get where you are today? What are you best know for?

I had knee surgery in 2014 and it flipped my entire world. I was kinda lost. Yoga brought me back to life and it was history from there. I developed a consistent practice that was significant in my healing process, both mentally and physically. And then somewhere along the line arm balances and inversions became my thing. I’m obsessed with handstands and you can probably catch me in one just about everywhere. Ha! 

Has it been a smooth road? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?

No way. There were times when everyday felt like a struggle, but I’m here ain’t I? Adversity is a good thing and I try my best to keep that in mind. It’s a reminder of how far I’ve come. It’s a strength builder and, on the flip side it’s humbling. Nothing’s guaranteed, even when you’re up top. I say that to say my struggles are many, too many to list. But nothing I would take back. Every piece of hurt has shaped and made me better.

Where can people find you/practice with you?

I’m based out of Atlanta mainly and I teach at STACK Sports Performance & Therapy as well as Corepower Yoga (the North Druid Hills location). My updated class + event schedule is on my website www.YogaWithKymmi.com and on my Instagram, where I hold live sessions from time to time. 

How to find Kymmi:


facebook: yoga with kymmi 

instagram: kymmicordovez 

twitter: @kymmicordovez


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