Adelaide Taylor

    Adelaide works remotely from Atlanta as a full-time digital producer for a small company that collaborates with marketing teams to build dynamic websites. Finding ways to apply the lessons of yoga to a fast-paced and professionally demanding role in tech is always challenging. However, Adelaide is able to connect to her students and fellow practitioners by sharing this simple fact: most people aren’t able to spend their days practicing yoga! She knows first-hand how difficult it can be to go offline, tune into your own busy mind, and sit-up straight once you’ve been pulled away from the computer.

    Despite having to confront this challenge on a daily basis, she knows just how important proper alignment in yoga is to the body and how essential simple meditation is to one’s well-being. Through clearly articulated alignment-based instruction, her classes are geared to balance the bodies and the minds of her students. She invites her students into a space that welcomes vulnerability and encourages personal exploration by offering poses that can always be made more doable or more difficult.

    Adelaide has been living in Atlanta since 2010. She also loves to travel (she is currently in Korea visiting family), write personal essays, stay home with her two cats, and find ways to support women entrepreneurs in Atlanta. Read more at

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