Ally Laforest

    Ally fist began to dabble in yoga while at Emory University as an undergrad. She noticed that after each class, she could breathe a little easier and things that were super stressful before practicing were suddenly not quite as stressful. A few years went by, her practice faded away as she tried various internships and jobs but none of the paths after graduating felt quite right. In the midst of trying to forge the best fitting future, she remembered how calming and clearing yoga was and decided to reconnect to her practice and try out a class with Elsie! One class, and she knew she was home. She knew had found the most empowering and encouraging environment. She completed her 200 hour teacher training at Highland Yoga after a few years of being an avid student and her main focus is keeping the powerful, uplifting spirit that is Highland Yoga very much alive.

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