Amanda Burtch

    Amanda Burtch In 2012 Amanda was led to yoga out of her curiosity while in the midst of some big life changes. She was experiencing a great deal of anxiety from these changes and heard that yoga was good for reducing stress. After a year of wobbling around in her living room to beginners DVDs and VHS tapes (remember those?), she landed a job for a wellness-based company that led her down a path to learn more about yoga and to connect with teachers and practitioners around the globe. As a job perk, Amanda was fortunate to deepen her practice and learn more about yoga in the workplace through yoga classes and “work trips” that consisted of getting to be a participant on a few international yoga retreats. Through these healing experiences, she knew that yoga was the path for her. She began teaching yoga in the summer of 2017 and has continued to learn and grow through yoga, including her current accomplishment, becoming a certified Yoga Therapist. She is set to complete her Master of Science in Yoga Therapy this summer. Curiosity is what led Amanda to the practice of yoga and it is what keeps her invested to learn more. It is a value that is embedded in her practice and in her teachings as she encourages her students to discover the uniqueness of their bodies, breath, and spirit. Amanda is deeply passionate about the mindfulness and gratitude practices that the natural world offers. This sentiment is also woven into Amanda’s individual style of teaching. She believes that the practice of yoga on the mat blends strengthening of body, mind, and spirit that aids in standing strong in life off the mat. Amanda is lighthearted, compassionate, and is always trying to bring a smile to everyone around her, including in her classes. In her own time, she loves making playlists, reading, bike rides, neighborhood walks, and all things outdoors.

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