Ayodele Murphy

    Ayodele knows that while yoga is not the only modality that we can use for our betterment it IS definitely one that we can all benefit from.  Born in Atlanta, GA and raised between here and New Orleans, LA Ayodele was exposed to many forms of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. However it was her first hot yoga class that cemented her passion for healing and her journey into the world of yoga. Boom! Like that, she never looked back.

    Yogic practice has opened Ayodele up to the possibilities of genius, self-realization, and self-mastery as exemplified by the ultimate unity of everything. She is committed to bringing yoga to the fringe – to the people who are often left out of this work; she is committed to bringing bodies together on the mat as a means to establish true commUNITY out in the world. As lived oppose to just…fantasized about. Ayodele believes that yoga should be prescribed to all – as we can all use it to overcome the challenges that living in a ‘modern’ world presents as well as the obstacles that our minds create.

    As a gifted yoga teacher, she sees her work as that of creating and holding safe space for those who seek healing via this vehicle. Her work is empowering others to the possibilities of perfect health, perfect wealth, love, joy, peace and happiness; success and fulfillment that starts inside and emanates out; power and freedom; knowingness that comes from intentional inquiry and work – the things she wants for herself. With breath and movement and meditation and sweat and some laughter and (maybe) some tears and some soul shining… AND a whole lot of yummy good fun.

    Starting with a Hatha Raja practice, then moving to Ghosh lineage hot yoga, Ayodele has completed multiple certifications beginning with Be Hot Yoga Atlanta’s inaugural Teacher Training and Apprentice program in 2010. Ever inquisitive and possibly addicted to growing/knowledge/learning, she has completed multiple certifications, intensives, trainings, and workshops since then. Currently, she is working toward her yogaHour and 500 hr RYT certifications.

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