Carly Milyo

    “my “why” for beginning to teach yoga was that i wanted to learn how to help people heal themselves. as a sensitive soul and an empath, my life has been marked by the trauma and pain of others. i always had a deep desire, and frankly an inherent gift, for seeing people through their healing process. i knew i needed to gain the knowledge and tools to be able to do so skillfully and with integrity. i had experienced firsthand the healing power of yoga, so off to yoga teacher training i went.

    in may 2015 i received my 200 hour hatha yoga certification in atlanta, ga. since then i have taught countless workshops and group classes in yoga studios, gyms, and corporate environments. i also went on to co-teach two 200 hour yoga teacher trainings.

    in addition to my teaching, the learning never stopped. i have participated in training after training, including an additional 200 hour and certification in yogahour, and a 300 hour training, making me certified at the 500 hour level…not to mention the countless workshops i’ve participated in!

    but of all of the trainings i have done, the most influential to my work was the trauma-informed training i completed in 2017 with holle black. it brought me back to my “why”. shortly after i completed this training, i began teaching women who were survivors of sex trafficking, mental illness, and physical disabilities. years of teaching those women week after week, and witnessing first hand the healing power of trauma-informed yoga, shaped who i am today and guided me back to my purpose. i saw that with the right approach and the appropriate tools, yoga could be a modality for gaining agency, healing, and integration in any setting.”

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    Carly Brownclarence