Clarence’s introduction to yoga began after he sustained a back injury playing basketball. At the time the recommended treatment was surgery but his distrust of allopathic medicine prevented him from going that route. Having rejected the surgery and knowing no other alternative healing modalities he patiently waited hoping the injury would heal on it own and the pain would subside. That was not the case, in fact the pain seem to get worst. Coincidentally while looking through a news magazine he came across an article about yoga which included a few poses with pictures and brief descriptions on how to do the poses. Intuitively he tried one of the poses, a spinal twist, and felt better immediately. He then began buying yoga books, dvds and starting going to yoga classes sporadically. In 2006 he completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training classes led by the incredible Avril James-Hurt but didn’t try teaching until years later. During the time he wasn’t teaching he continued to study and practice yoga as well as other movement systems as he could be as well rounded as possible. Clarence had taught yoga in downtown Atlanta, Decatur and East Point. For the last four months he had been under the meticulous tutelage of Sava learning the intricacies of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Clarence’s aim is to empower and inspire.

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    Carly MilyoCue