Cue is a transformational coach, energy worker, ceremonialist, and master intentional candle artist. In 2018, she launched an all natural intention candle company, Eleven Eleven Candles and More, introducing joy and self-empowerment to thousands. She participated in two book projects, Sacred Death and Shaman Heart, which both led her to becoming a best selling author. Since becoming an entrepreneur, Cue has expanded the scope of her gifts and talents by delivering transformational workshops, coaching others to live the life of their dreams, and connecting ready souls in high vibrational communities. As the face of the company, READY SOULS, she is committed to working with those who are ready to live a life of unconditional joy.

    A few of Cue’s favorite pastimes are traveling, nature walks, connecting with crystals, communicating with the unseen and tea parties. She can be seen connecting with nature wherever she goes, even if it’s just a walk around the corner — she’s sure to touch a flower or have a new friend greet her. Cue acknowledges the importance of connecting worlds, and she gratefully serves as a bridge.

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