Dr. Crystal Jones

    With over fifteen years of professional leadership and practice in the healthcare and wellness industries, Dr. Crystal Jones shows up as a disruption to the narrative of brokenness in this work. She does this by intentionally creating atmospheres that honor the physiology of Divinity. In her private practice, she witnesses the sacred process of death and rebirth through a myriad of modalities. In her public practice, she cultivates space for women of color (trans, cis, nonbinary, gender non-conforming) to believe themselves and move through the grief of unconscious and internalized anti-blackness. Dr. Crystal Jones is a consultant and guest lecturer in medical schools and traditional healing trainings around the globe. Her trauma-informed and healing centered languaging opens the conversation for practitioners to do the internal work required to create sacred space for expansive healing. Her work focuses on the subtleties of healing through the eradication of the unconscious power dynamic. As a teacher and speaker, she’s employed her genius to add value with companies that range from Pfizer, Adidas, SXSW and The National Urban League to social engagement companies such as Black Girl in Om and Blavity. She continues to span the globe creating containers for critical thinking that disrupt the current paradigm of brokenness in a way that elevates the Truth of innate Wholeness in a sustainable way.

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