Hadji Jones

    Hadji Jones has been a dedicated practitioner and teacher of yoga for the past 5 years. Having appeared on several Television shows such as “Rock Your Yoga” and “Yoga Sutra now”. Currently can be seen modeling in Kripalu Center’s marketing, Origin Magazine, and Mantra Yoga + Health. Expert for Women’s Health Magazine. Manduka & Lululemon Ambassadorships.

    Often noted for his ability to levitate on the yoga mat: Hadji enjoys teaching high-energy classes that promote positivity. He often utilizes a series of inversions to encourage practitioners to push beyond their personal limits of self-normalcy. Hadji enjoys incorporating elements of his personal experience mixed with urban culture to bring what he describes as his own unique “Philly vibe” to his yoga classes. Through his teachings Hadji promotes a common theme of diversity, acceptance for all, and overall wellness.

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