Jen Fleming

    Jen Fleming is a yoga teacher who embodies goodness. She teaches yoga to awaken the power and love that resides in each and every one of us. Yoga connects her to the Divine within and she aims to create space for her students to do the same.

    Like many people, Jen was not truly living her life when she started practicing yoga. She had all the makings of what she thought she should have but was neither happy nor fulfilled. In her late 20’s, those “successful” parts of her life started to unravel. Over time and after many yoga classes, she realized she had veered way off the path. Jen’s yoga mat became a mirror into what she needed to change to live her true, authentic life.

    Listening to the voice within, she decided she would become a yoga teacher. In 2015, Jen completed her 200 hour certification at Peachtree Yoga Center with a focus on hatha yoga and meditation and continued with Level 1 and 2 Power Vinyasa trainings at CorePower. She began teaching right away and transitioned to yoga as her full time career in 2016. Jen maintains an active schedule with public and private classes, leads teacher trainings, and hosts workshops and special events like Wellness Wednesday at Atlantic Station.

    Connection to strength and spirit are the hallmarks of Jen’s classes. She uses clear alignment and challenging muscle engagement so students can go deeper in their bodies; she incites pranayama and calming practices to keep students centered and balanced; and she does all of this to bring you more in tune to the goodness within.

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