Jordan Coburn

    Jordan : Owner & Founder, Performance Therapist

    Jordan Coburn is the life source of Revive Movement Therapy. Starting this company while finishing up his massage & bodywork licensing program, Jordan knew right away what he wanted to do with this profession and that wasn’t sitting in the spa rubbing people down all day. As a former track and field athlete and coach, he realized which demographic would benefit greatly from this service, athletes professional and amateur, and everyday gym goers or anyone who moves in repeated patterns recreationally. Specializing in manual fascial therapy taught by Vinh Pham of Myodetox to bring back structural balance to clients. Jordan is also a level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapist, and with that he integrates FST into his treatments. Recently adding on Functional Movement Techniques for Performance Certification to his resume certifies him as a RockTape Doc.

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