Karen Dorfman

    Karen Dorfman has always had a love for soulful expression through movement. Her creative style of teaching comes from her background in dance, using breath and music to stir the soul. Her passion is to connect people to their own joyful potential. She believes in stretching the boundaries, moving beyond the mind and feeling what is true from the heart. Karen began practicing yoga 17 years ago and in 2006 she completed the yoga teacher training program at Peachtree Yoga Center. Since then, she continues to study with teachers that inspire her so that she can bring a richer and deeper experience to her students each time they meet on the mat. Her v inyasa flow classes are dynamic, intuitive and grounding. Each session is unique and always offers attention to alignment and breath, supportive hands-on adjustments and encouragement to have fun! In addition to teaching locally, Karen has lead numerous yoga retreats in exotic locations, she teaches yoga with live music and mantra chanting with various musical artists in the Atlanta area, and is the Music Coordinator of the annual ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival. Her other passion is bodywork, she is a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and has been practicing at her Buckhead studio since 1995.

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