Kim Candika Alford

    Being in the intersection between things, like the body and spirit, where there is the magic of paradox, alchemy and transformation happening, is where Kim finds herself exploring and growing. As a teacher, Kim is down to earth while steeped in mysticism. She is known for delivering a balance of nurturing and strong yoga classes, while escorting students into deeper spaces where you merge with your heart and spirit. She uses pranayama, meditation, mantra, sound therapy, the energy body and yogic philosophy to expand students’ experience of yoga when she teaches.

    Yoga grabbed her around age 17 and it has been a playground of exploration ever since. Dealing with chronic pain since her early twenties, she felt she had something to give back and started teaching yoga in 2004 in order to serve and share, to inspire and guide others who feel the pull of yoga in their lives. Kim has been brought up in the tradition of her guru, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati and is a long time student of Swami Jaya Devi at Kashi Atlanta. She has also been co-teaching and mentoring students in the Kashi Atlanta 200-hour yoga teacher training since 2007. Kim teaches workshops and classes on partner yoga, meditation and yoga philosophy. She also offers thai yoga massage. When she’s not immersed in the yoga world, Kim is sharing her creative powers as a graphic designer and art director.

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