Maggie Benoit

    As a kinetic learner, Maggie is guided by a love for movement and the rich sense of language that it weaves. Her initial discovery of movement through yoga in 2005 was the beginning of a lifetime process of learning to engineer more effective means of communicating and listening. She believes that the body is a powerful tool for reformulating; a medium through which individuals can explore what they do not know or feel comfortable to investigate. Within the body’s construct lies the most intimate expression of curiosity and experimentation. This is where our communication starts.

    In her classes you will discover a platform for conversation within your own body. Maggie encourages her students to define boundaries for themselves and engage actively in their own practice. She helps them to develop a landscape that offers the most benefit to their personal needs. Her class structure aims at safely stretching the musculature, alignment cues, core strengthening, restorative posturing, breath (pranayama), and meditation. She emphasizes accountability to her students and encourages them to establish focus and healthy discipline. Maggie understands yoga as a profound mechanism of action (kriya); a way to foster meaning on the mat and nudge what’s created there out into the world. A practice of yoga carries over into the way we materialize ideas, pursue function, create, work, and interact. The body is a part of all that we do, making attunement vastly important. This embodiment of lifestyle is founded on being proactive in the care of our body; the pursuit of communion with self in the context of the external world. Once we put motion behind intent with skillful action we discover yoga. Here we are able to approach each day with new awareness and improved programming between mind and body. This encourages slow and simple building towards a foundation that is strong yet tender. We are then able develop the ability to communicate freely, honestly and potently.

    Join Maggie in an exchange of conversation as she guides you through a thoughtful practice that studies using the body as a tool for language, communication, reformulating our thoughts and helping us move into action.

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