Mandisa Taqqee

    “Mandisa “”Mona”” Taqqee is a yogi therapist, sound healer, and community builder who is committed to the health and well- being of artists, musicians, and creatives. Mona approaches each session with a meditative mind and heart, thus leading you through a calming, powerful, and transformational experience. With a background in Biomedical Research, Positive Psychology, and a counselor in training; it is Mona’s goal to serve each person holistically through proper assessment, attention, compassion, and integrity. Mona bridges yoga poses, breath-work, reiki, and traditional psychotherapy techniques to help individuals gain strength, flexibility, find clarity and thrive. Her method and approach provides you with an opportunity to attune inward and observe any mental, physical, or emotional challenges thus transforming

    them into an opportunity of growth and awareness. Whether a beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between; Mona is well- equipped in providing excellent and transformational services for all.”

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