Marie Davon *Powerkompany

    Collaborative Artist with Maggie Benoit for Movement Love

    Seeking to express a complex topic in sonic manner, Marie Davon has shifted (if only briefly) from the dramatic-cinematic-pop she is known for to exchange dialogue through a sound that communicates with softer tonality. Fresh off the release of her band Powerkompany’s two-part album “Fever and Chills” and a tour playing with the illustrious Cindy Wilson of the B-52s, Davon dips into new experiences with sparse compositional elements. She uses sonic loops to create one ethereal breath while coaxing people to dip into their bodies. She explores the immersive dimensions of sound alongside characteristics of movement, art installations and varied media. Touching on different musical themes, she creates a meandering expression of challenge, triumph, intimacy and exploration.

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