In 2006, MaryAnne accidentally walked into a vinyasa yogaclass when her pilates class was canceled at a local gym. In the first downward dog, her teacher introduced her to a purposeful alignment, movement, and the power of breathing. Having a career in healthcare, she was drawn to the anatomy and physiology of theasanas and how the body worked to bend, lift, and stretch. Yoga also helped as an outlet to release stress from her fast-paced job. Every class ended with one quote: “Yoga is the still mind and the open heart.” This mantra would carry her through many challengingdays. Yoga allowed her to show herself grace and provide that same grace in life. Interested in learning more about the history and philosophyof yoga, she expanded her search from the gym to many yoga studios. After overhearing a conversation about a mysore-style studio that had opened, her curiosity led her to Mysore Yoga Atlanta. She was immediately drawn into the self-led, structured practiceand the intuition it unlocked for her in the mysore room. “It was like falling down a rabbit hole and discovering new wonders about yourself.” As someone born with an active imagination, which matured into an innovative mind, the practice helped guide MaryAnnethrough calming her thoughts. The daily practice becamea meditative tool and she has always wanted to share the same wonderful benefits with others. After starting yoga teacher training with Sava, she apprenticed in the mysore room, learning the complex art of adjustments. The yoga journey is unique to each individualand that is the foundation to Sava’s teaching. There are infinite manifestations of enlightenment, and it is unique for each student. As Pattabhi Jois would often say, “Practice, and all is coming.

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