Miriam Frost

    Miriam Frost is the passionate founder and owner of Stellar Power Yoga, a thriving yoga studio located in Vinings, GA. Although she hails from the bustling city of New York, Miriam embarked on a remarkable journey that led her to the world of yoga and ultimately to her true calling.

    Having developed much of her career in the financial services industry, working for prestigious Fortune 500 companies like First Data and Fiserv, Miriam honed her skills in multitasking and management. While dedicating herself to raising a family and to her corporate job, she also managed fitness centers & gyms during evenings and weekends. It was during this time that Miriam discovered her love for teaching and motivating individuals to achieve their fitness goals.

    However, despite her success, Miriam felt something was missing. Seeking answers, she stumbled upon a hot yoga studio and found herself captivated by the experience. Witnessing a hundred individuals in identical rows, balanced and posed, leaning into their sense of self and finding peace, Miriam was enthralled. In this space of encouragement, goodness, and patience, time seemed to stand still. The chaos of life melted away, replaced by meditation and the soothing stretch of longing muscles. She knew she had found her calling.

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