Naomie is a 200 HR YTT Atlanta native teaching vinyasa, yin, and prenatal yoga. In addition, Naomie is Reiki 1 attuned and is training to become a certified birth and postpartum doula.She found yoga at a time when she needed a lot of healing after spending more than half her life as a competitive swimmer. Her yoga practice brought her in touch with her divine feminine (something she realized she was very removed from as an athlete). It taught her how to slow down and be introspective. As she heals every day she is able to align more with her true spiritual self.Naomie’s personal practice and teaching is strongly influenced by Rocket, Tantra Yoga, and flexibility training. She uses creative sequencing and music in her class to help her students come into their bodies and focus on the present moment. Before teaching yoga, Naomie was a middle school science teacher in Los Angeles.

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