Natalie Lynn Biniasz

    Natalie Biniasz is a Transformational Coach, Energy Healer, E-RYT 500 & multi-faceted woman who believes the greatest impact we can have on our world is through loving all aspects of ourselves and healing from within. Her life’s path has been the fertile ground from which the blossoming of strength, wisdom and integrity have arisen and she enjoys sharing this. She creates a safe, supportive, encouraging container for deep transformation to occur. She uses her gifts and passions for living in

    She uses her gifts and passions for living in presence and clearing out limiting conditioning/ belief systems to create an impact on the people she works with, both on & off the mat. She values a life of authenticity & integrity… walking the talk.

    She is trained in the tradition of Hatha yoga and uses Vinyasa, held poses, pranayama, meditation and energy principles throughout… many times taking a non-traditional turn through laughter, tapping, shaking, dancing, noise and other techniques she’s picked up along the way. She teaches in a way that is accessible to all levels and truly believes that the guide is within each one of us. Her classes support the unfolding of this deep connection to self & the courageous commitment required to living a life of presence.

    She completed her 200-hr in 2009 through Peachtree Yoga, as well as her 300-hr there and is currently taking another 300-hr with Gina Minyard.

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