Nataly Baiz

    Nataly embarked on her transformative healing journey seven years ago, initially seeking to deepen her understanding of Yoga through teacher training. Little did she anticipate that this step would pave the way for a remarkable shift in her life. Five years later, Nataly courageously bid farewell to her corporate career, embracing a new path as the owner of Decatur Healing Arts. Along this transformative trajectory, she also became a Reiki Master, undertook a profound quest to India to learn Kundalini Yoga, and discovered her calling as a facilitator of soul-nourishing Cacao Ceremonies.

    Driven by an unwavering passion to assist others, Nataly thrives on establishing profound emotional connections through compassion and love. Her innate desire to accompany individuals on their own healing journeys fuels her commitment to providing unwavering support and guidance.

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