Nick Combs

    Nick’s transformative journey into yoga began when he got sober 10 years ago, where he discovered a sense of belonging within his own body for the first time. The physical challenge initially captivated him, but it was the philosophical teachings that forever changed his perspective on the world. Now, Nick is driven by an unwavering desire to share this life-altering practice with others.

    Drawing from a diverse range of teaching experiences, Nick has honed his skills in various yoga disciplines. He received certification in the dynamic Rocket System under the guidance of Amber-Gean Espelage, explored Alignment and Hatha with esteemed teachers Noah Maze and Peach Friedman, and delved into additional styles such as Restorative and Inferno Hot Pilates. Nick’s passion lies in movement, and he prides himself on delivering classes that challenge both body and mind, all while maintaining a keen focus on alignment.Nick is also the visionary behind M3 Yoga & Hot Pilates, where he serves as the founder and COO. In addition, he plays a vital role as the Co-director of M3’s Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Programs, both the 200-hour and 300-hour courses. Despite his busy schedule of running a studio and working as a nurse, Nick remains committed to his personal growth and is currently pursuing graduate studies.

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