Rebecca Moulton

    Rebecca Moulton wandered into her first yoga class in Midtown. What she didn’t know, the studio was just downwind from Krispy Kreme. Coincidentally, the red light came on every morning during savasana, and the room filled with the warm aroma of freshly glazed donuts. She knew it was meant to be. Fast forward, and her practice led her to the FORM family. Since then, it has changed, ebbed and flowed, on and off the mat, many times over through all her seasons of life. It was her own experience of receiving an Autoimmune diagnosis while going through a divorce, that profoundly changed things. She knew her practice had served her, but she couldn’t practice the same way anymore. Ever the curious scientist, she found a yoga teacher curriculum with a trauma-informed, therapeutic approach that combined a rigorous physical foundation *and* the emotional, spiritual connection between the mind & body. She dove in headfirst and found the transformation she’d been looking for, in the last place she expected: stillness. She went from being a serial savasana skipper, and power yoga student to spending an entire practice in Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), or in the corner finding new ways to use props to soothe her nervous system, usually with her legs up the wall. Rebecca is a certified Yoga Nidra teacher through Scott Moore. She is also a C.Ht Certified Hypnotist, and Magnified Healing L1 energy practitioner. These qualifications, in addition to her RYT 200 hour certification, offer to enrich the student experience of deeply relaxing. Rebecca has lived in Atlanta long enough to say “Bless Your Heart”, but not long enough to enjoy boiled peanuts. She’s a full-time meteorologist, mom of two, and will encourage your curiosity to explore the idea of “less is more”. Except when it comes to props and blankets in class. That’s: “take however many you think you’ll need, and add at least one more.”

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