Richard Fudge

    Richard Fudge is a highly experienced and certified fitness trainer with a remarkable career spanning over two decades in the health and fitness industry. As a co-training leader, teacher partner associate at Stellar Power Yoga, Richard brings his expertise and passion for wellness to guide and inspire students on their yoga journey.With his Yoga Alliance RYT certification and completion of 200 hours of training, Richard has honed his skills as a registered yoga instructor. His deep understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection allows him to facilitate a practice that unites these elements, fostering harmony, peace, and happiness in the lives of his students.Richard is not only a dedicated fitness professional but also a loving husband, a nurturing father, a caring brother, and a devoted son. He embodies joyfulness in his nature and embraces the values of patience, strength, and humility, which he coaches and instills in his students.

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