SYC (KPJAYI) Authorized to teach Ashtanga Yoga

    Only one of three in the state of Georgia
    Sava was born and raised in the country of Georgia, known for its picturesque nature and breathtaking mountain landscape, versatile climate, hospitable people, and most savory and enticing cuisine and wine. In this country of earthly pleasures, he also learned the importance of discipline and restriction through his training as a competitive gymnast. Ashtanga Yoga is the most physically demanding method of yoga that builds strength, flexibility and mental clarity. Sava’s background in gymnastics gave him discipline and dedication that’s necessary for yogic path. At the age of 5 he was enrolled into a gymnastics school in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. At that time, the Soviet Union was known for their brutal, result-oriented training conditions. He dedicated daily 6-hour long trainings for almost a decade that won him first prizes in competitions in 1991 and 1993.

    Sava’s teaching style is confident and firm, yet gentle and compassionate. He understands the needs, limitations, and strengths of eachstudent and works with them individually to guide them through the practice and help adapt to it in their own unique way. Sava providesclear verbal instruction for each movement of the practice and applies physical adjustments that help students get into the proper alignment of the posture. Sava’s knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga is based on his personal daily practice; he is well aware of all the challenges one may face on and off the mat. He believes in an incredible potential instilled in every human soul and accomplishments that can be achieved through devotion, discipline, persistence, veracity, temperance and mindfulness. Sava’s purpose of life is to spread the ancient knowledge of Ashtanga yoga and help people live their lives to the best of their potential.

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