Shelley Carroll

    Shelley Carroll, E-RYT500 Shelley (she/her/hers) is an ATLien with big dreams of becoming a future expatriate. As the visionary behind Dancing Dogs Yoga, DDY Yoga School, and DDY Travels, she’s a force in the yoga community. Shelley is a mystic, healer, and light worker, spreading transformation through yoga worldwide. She’s a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and curates extraordinary yoga retreats with DDY Travels. Her passion lies in training and nurturing yoga teachers and leaders worldwide, with a mission to share the transformative practice of yoga. Beyond yoga, Shelley fights for social causes, and has worked in voter protection, and as coordinator of the ACLU of Georgia’s Legal Observer Program. She believes in the power of community and individuals. When she’s not jet-setting around the world or championing democracy, you’ll find her residing in Atlanta’s historic Reynoldstown neighborhood. There, she enjoys savoring tacos, mexcal margaritas, conquering goals, and indulging in her love for hot sauce and pickles (separately, of course). Her astrological alignment includes an Aries sun, Gemini moon, and Scorpio rising, adding an extra layer of cosmic intrigue to her vibrant personality. Shelley has been teaching yoga professionally since 2009, and practicing for more than 2 decades. Join her on her journey as she combines her love for yoga, activism, and community, and discover the profound impact she’s making both locally and globally, on and off the mat.

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