Sumayya Allen

    Sumayya’s primary teaching style is power vinyasa flow where students are encouraged to be playful, creative and explorative, but to most importantly be mindful of their bodies and respect where they are, at that present moment, on their mats.

    She loves teaching because she believes in the transformational power of yoga to unify body, mind, heart and soul. Sumayya is continually inspired as a teacher to be part of her students’ journeys in becoming more tuned in and connected to themselves, as well as in discovering their inner strength and fire to rise above self-imposed limits and to shed away fears and doubts that may hold them back.

    Sumayya received her 200hr certification from Hotlanta Yoga in vinyasa and athletic power yoga. She has been teaching full time since March 2017 and has experience teaching basics, power, hot vinyasa, intermediate/advanced flow, handstands, and even athletic yoga for a youth basketball camp. She also teaches yoga to refugees at the International Rescue Committee through a program with Centering Youth.

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