TJ Mangrum

    Growing up an athlete and the child of two seriously hippie parents, TJ has a unique style of teaching. TJ’s classes build heat and bring the intensity while maintaining space for her spiritual side to come through. In short, TJ infuses a fiery practice with a spiritual connection the the heart. TJ teaches with a reverence to the body and a deep respect to the practice while keeping it light: “it’s just yoga” is a common saying during her classes.

    TJ is an alignment based instructor with training in Hatha Yoga and YogaHour. She takes the time to instruct the class into correct alignment for safety and strength.

    She started paddling three summers ago on Lake Lanier.  The first time she stepped on a board she realized its power for therapeutic yoga.  TJ immediately started playing with poses, allowing the board and water to show her areas that need improvement in her Asana practice.

    It soon became clear to her that on the water, practice becomes more than practice. Practice fast forwards into a place of supreme connectedness. One can become immediately aware of the tiny habit and nuances in my practice and body’s plea to connect the breath, heart, and mind.

    “My body feels at home on the water. The vibrations melt and the purity and power of form fills in.”- TJ

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