Tzipporah Gerson

    Tzipporah found her way to the yoga mat over 10 years ago with a deep sense of curiosity and hopes of finding both spiritual and physical solace. Since then, her experience as a student, teacher, and now therapist has been both empowering and profound. It enlightened her to the wisdom of the human condition and the mind/body relationship that when explored, can lead to self-awareness, self-acceptance, and ultimately greater compassion for both self and others. Tzipporah is a licensed psychotherapist with almost ten years of experience treating those struggling with severe mental health challenges. Currently Tzipporah focuses her therapeutic work on the use of integrative yoga therapy, mindfulness based stress reduction, and contemplative psychotherapy to treat the psychological, emotional, and functional challenges caused by chronic pain, chronic illness, cancer, trauma/PTSD, and other mood related challenges.

    Tzipporah’s classes focus on exploring the components of strength, stability, introspection, and spaciousness within the body, while using breath and sensation as vehicles to deeper states of meditation. Tzipporah supports her students to maintain dynamic alignment throughout class while empowering them to make individual choices that will support their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs while meeting their body where it is at with compassion and loving kindness.

    Tzipporah completed her 200 hour YTT with the Pranakriya School in 2013 and her 500 yoga therapy certification with the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies in 2016. Tzipporah is a certified yoga therapist with IAYT and has recently organized a local/regional chapter of yoga therapists known as the Southern Yoga Therapy Association( Tzipporah is preparing to release her podcast, “Ancient Tools for Modern Living”, which will be available on iTunes this fall. Learn more about her practice and work at

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