by Mary Grace Allerdice


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Our current cultural climate is soul-crushing and exhausting. So if you’re not consciously regenerating the Water within you, then you’re probably running on empty. It’s not just you! This course helps bring your deepest, truest self back into your body, welcoming life back into any ashes, deserts, or tired ground.  

✨ Water Medicine is about coming home to yourself. Water Medicine is remembering that you are already good, and you don’t have to be.

✨ Water Medicine is about learning to live with desire.

✨ Water Medicine is about forgiving all of the obstacles, twists, and turns of your journey and connecting back to the seed of why you want to move through this life.

✨ Water makes spaces for the bitterness, anger, resentment, hurt, fear, insecurity, and rejection to come, to flow, as much as it needs to until it’s gone.

✨ Water Medicine invites you back into the fullest expression of yourself and ride the waves of your life with more resilience + resonance.

✨ Water Medicine brings you back to the Source within you and says… “stay with Her.”

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✨ Wednesdays at 6:30 pm ET (August 17th, 24th, 31st September 7th & 14th)

✨ Yoga Fridays at 12 pm noon ET (August 19th & 26th September 2nd & 9th)

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*use the code ‘DSY2022’ to save 11% at checkout

“When you embody the wild medicine of Water, you are un-drownable.” – Mary Grace Allerdice

does this sound like you?

  • you have difficulty receiving or making time for yourself

  • you’re trying to move into a new chapter in your work or personal life, and it’s just. not. happening.

  • you “used to be” so creative and inspired, but now things just feel “fine,” blank or numb.

  • you don’t remember the last time you felt energized or excited

  • you’re feeling resentful of the demands + expectations from others

  • you want to be more of your “authentic self,” but you can’t remember who that is

  • you feel like you always have to be in control, steer the ship for things to work, and it’s exhausting

  • you’re low level depressed + not sure why or what to do about it

  • you’re burned out and everything takes more energy than it gives back

  • you’re on a yo-yo cycle of taking drastic self-care measures only to go back to your draining routine

If you answered Yes to any of these,
Water Medicine was made for you.

a sneak peek inside Water Medicine

These virtual classes will be delivered to your inbox each week + the live calls will take place over zoom.

week 1: Learn foundational Water Principles to bring this powerful healing energy into your life + your body (not just your mind). You’ll learn the symptoms of Water blocks + issues to identify the needs in your own life.

week 2: Dive into the mythopoetics of the Selkie archetype and unravel your story for forgiveness, reclamation, better care, + desire.

week 3: Deepen your Tarot knowledge as we explore 6 cards that hold keys to Water Wisdom. Each guiding card offers a fresh lens into your purpose, habits and life stage. This module will fill your readings + practices with more soul, wildness + resonance.

week 4: Discover the Water signs of the zodiac + learn how they show up in your chart. Work with these signs + their rulers more intentionally so you can better give them what they need to flourish + flow.

week 5: Honor your limits. All water needs boundaries in order to Flow. In this module, we look at practices for honoring your body, refreshing your boundaries, turning towards pleasure, and increasing your capacity for life force energy.

live calls: There will be three LIVE calls with your course guide Mary Grace. These calls are opportunities to connect with others, do live integration practices, and get your questions answered. If you can’t make the calls live, you can submit your Q’s in advance and watch the replays. These calls take place Fridays, July 8, July 22, and August 5 at 3p ET.


*use the code ‘DSY2022’ to save 11% at checkout

Water Medicine: $297

+ re|Vision: $99


Replenish your life from the inside out.

Create rhythms + cycles that feel more alive.

Grow your capacity to surrender, heal + receive.

Meet your Water Medicine Guide, Mary Grace Allerdice

I’m an artist, energetic practitioner, astrologer, and holistic business coach. Not to mention a highly creative, sensitive + prolific maker. The founder of home—body, I’ve guided and helped hundreds of people heal some of their most inaccessible, wounded, and unnamed parts of themselves over the past decade. Water Medicine has moved me through my life’s most radical endings, transitions + rebirths. In this course, I’m sharing with you the stories, themes, and knowledge that I learned from those experiences so you can access these transformations for yourself. Countless folks have taken this work and come through it, saying, “I feel like this was made just for me.” It was made just for you. Because we’re all Water beings, finding our powerful wave.

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