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This has been in the works for a while and we are excited to finally share with you our first line of yoga tanks!!!!! These tanks are more than just something we love to wear.  By shopping with Dirty South Yoga, you are making possible the great community focused events and experiences we have planned for 2017 and beyond. Thanks for showing your love so we can give it right back!

Just in time for the holidays, these tanks make a great gift for yoga lovers. Treat yourself or your favorite yogi to a Real. Raw. Southern Yoga Tank and support our growing yoga community and happenings.


When creating this tank, the number one question we had to ask ourselves was: is this something we would love to wear during yoga practice?

We quickly fell in love with the flowy scoop feminine muscle tank.  The perfect balance of cute and badass, functional and stylish. The white vintage print is designed to fade with time to create the super-soft favorite vintage tank you’ll love to wear to practice and around town.

We hope you love it as much as we do because we can only stand behind things we really love.  And from experience, it quickly became a go-to staple in my yoga wardrobe wearing one in each size.  I wear a small to practice in, medium around town and a large for all of the above.  That is another great thing about this flowy style- it runs true to size for a fitted look but you can easily go up in size to get a more flowy, comfy look and style. Follow the link to order your tank today so it arrives in time for the holidays.

And Gents we didn’t forget about you- we’ve got a T-Shirt coming your way soon.  It’s in the works so stay tuned!

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