Jason Anderson

    Jason Anderson, 500 ERYT, based in Atlanta Georgia where he has been instructing the art of yoga full time for over 8 years. Jason arrived to the practice of yoga through the portal of sports. He played Division 1A basketball at the University of Florida followed by playing professionally in Europe and South America. Returning from abroad he has been practicing and teaching yoga professionally with consistency and passion for this transformational art form. Thus far in his journey, Jason has led a teacher training, trained 300 hours under Shiva Rea, led retreats and created video content with Udaya.com. Jason understands that yoga is meditation and a mind, body and spirit journey witnessed by the all-seeing eye of our true essence of Pure Awareness and guided by an intimate connection and surrender to ones all encompassing breath flow. Jason instructs powerful yet graceful practices that relay to his students to evacuate that which does not serve you so one can see, feel and realize ones potential. You can see more information about Jason at Calmtivity.com and Calmtivity2 in Instagram.

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