Kymmi Cordovez

    Kymmi : Traveling Yoga Instructor & Stretch Therapist

    Kymmi is a certified yoga instructor and fitness junkie who is determined to put a refreshing green juice into every hand. In 2015, an devastating knee injury robbed her of her mobility but led her back to an old flame: yoga. This go around was different, like an old coat that she never realized she had loved so much. She fell in love. The practice was able to bring her the same challenges and satisfaction that any workout could. The relationship, like any worthwhile union, is still blossoming, transforming and growing. Her practices focuses on athletes of every level. Kymmi works with pros seeking to perform and recover at a high level, and anyone that considers themselves an athlete. And as the legend Bill Bowerman said, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

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