Greg Tinkle

    About nine years ago, Greg came to yoga by way of BMX and construction work. He started out trying to learn the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga on a purple mat alone in his kitchen listening to metal (think Isis, High On Fire, Baroness, Opeth, Moonsorrow, Therion, Mastodon, etc). Five years later, he went to a yoga studio and discovered that OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING YOGA TOO! And that Yoga + Community = RAD! (although the music was a bit less interesting).

    In 2010 Greg stumbled upon a 2½ hr yoga class called “Eye of the Tiger”, and since then has practiced and studied the unorthodox and progressive methodology he discovered there. It was there that he met Neda, who also practiced “metal yoga”, which makes him thrilled to now be offering/dealing yoga at Tough Love (insert blast beats and shredding guitar riff here).

    Greg’s classes explore dynamic vinyasa, intelligent sequencing, creative transitions and good, solid, alignment-­based asana practice both right­side up and upside­down – ­­ handstands, anyone?!! – and he has discovered that yoga can be an integral part of becoming fully alive, fully human. He is relatively new to teaching yoga and also studies meditation, prayer, sacred texts and spiritual (trans)formation in the path of his master. Zzzzzzing!

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